ViP - A new exclusive experience at Cineworld Sheffield

Lucky audiences at Cineworld Sheffield can now experience the next level in cinema comfort, at our exclusive ViP Experience.

It costs just £29 per person and the whole experience (excluding alcohol) is included in the price.

Premium levels of comfort...

ViP adds premium levels of comfort to your visit – in fact, the ViP treatment starts from the moment you walk through the doors. Our friendly staff will greet you as soon as you arrive at the exclusive private lounge ahead of the movie screening.

Private lounge

When we say luxurious, we mean it...

You will be able to relax in the lounge and enjoy a gourmet buffet before the movie starts. Light gourmet food will be prepared by a local chef and unlimited soft drinks will all be included in the price. When we say luxurious, we mean it.

You will also be able to purchase a range of alcoholic drinks at the private bar before taking your favourite cinema snacks into the auditorium. And the experience doesn't stop when the movie starts.

Gourmet buffet

Sit back and enjoy...

As part of the ViP Experience at Cineworld Sheffield, the two intimate and specially designed screens are each fitted with 40 luxurious 'lazy boy' style reclining seats and individual tables.

The extremely generous sized leather seats, measuring 155.5cm when reclined back fully, offer the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.

Luxury reclining seats

How to book ViP tickets

If you are having trouble booking ViP tickets at Sheffield, please follow this guide, which will guide you through the steps in order to get your ViP tickets.

Go to the Sheffield cinema page

Go to the Sheffield cinema page

You can either search for the Sheffield cinema page within the main website navigation, or click here to go to the page directly

Filter to ViP seating

Filter to ViP seating

Scroll down the page to the list of films, and within the filters at the top of this section, select 'ViP seating' within the 'Filter this list by' dropdown menu.

Choose your film screening time

Choose your film screening time

Select your the day and time from the list of films displayed. If you follow these steps, you will be able to book for ViP screenings at Sheffield – Enjoy!

A special night out

Whether it’s a birthday, a night out with friends or date night, the VIiP Experience is perfect for all occasions. The ViP Experience is also available to hire for corporate events, the combination of state of the art screens, meeting facilities, snacks and drinks make it the perfect environment to entertain and impress.

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